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  1. Gone In PataGONia

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    5 July 2016 by Justine

    As tourers, there are some classic routes in the World… The Pamir Highway (Tajikistan/Kirgiztan) and the Karakoram Highway (Pakistan/China) are probably the first ones to come in mind, so is the Carretera Australe in Chile. As long as we won’t cycle those ones, we’ll feel that we are missing something big.

  2. Paso Psycho

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    12 June 2016 by Justine

    Black clouds are forming in the sky. What will be our very first Argentinean electric storm rises and soon enough lightening is cracking next to us. We are fully exposed, on a pass, on a full steel bicycle. There is nowhere no hide, so we jump on our bikes and start cycling, thinking : “All of this is temporary”.

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