Check out our routes for our different cycling trips on this interactive GoogleMap. You can select or not among our different trips :

  • Tome I : South-East Asia with public transport (2011-2012)
  • Tome II : Western Europe by foot (Justine) & South America by bike (JP) (2012)
  • Tome III : Silk Road & Balkans on a folding bike (2013)
  • Tome IV : Eastern & Southern Africa on a bike (2014-2015)
  • Tome V : Central & South America on a bike and packraft (2015-2016)

6 thoughts on “Routes

  1. Crazy bush pilot says:

    Love the corcidile stories. I’ve Always wanted to go to South America. What are your thoughts on the Zika virus?


    • Justine says:

      In our case, Zika virus would have become a threat if we were to contract it from a day mosquito bite (in the short period that we were traveling in a Zika zone, over the long sleeves we wear to protect ourselves from the sun), and if we were part of the very slight percentage of Zika infected people that developed the Guillain-Barré syndrome. In all times, when traveling in mosquito territory, we follow the basic recommendations which are to wear long sleeves, use DEET repellent and sleep under a net.


  2. Jeff - The Environment Canada guy says:

    Awesome adventures!! Always interested in your trips to far away places.


  3. david says:

    Hi There,
    renee, Noah and I met you all in missinipe last summer;
    Were wishing you all best, good health, good weather, and many new friends in Africa, stay safe
    kindest regards

    dave,renee and Noah


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