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  1. Top 5 Scariest Moments of 2016-17

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    17 August 2017 by Justine

    Let me give you my personal top 5 scariest moments of our 2016-17 African cycling trip and hopefully feed you with good old second hand adrenaline.

  2. We Are Spies

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    8 July 2017 by Justine

    We are three blocks from our hotel and just to make things nicer, a white truck follows us. We stop, it stops. We turn around, it turns around. It sounds pretty funny, but right now, it’s midnight, our passports are kept hostage at the police station, we are in the Congo, we used all our patience and that truck freaks me out.

  3. Tintin (& JP) In The Congo

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    2 April 2017 by Justine

    Villagers are pretty surprised to see us but quickly see the business opportunity. We start negociating. “You need to give enough so that the paddlers are motivated. You don’t want them to stop paddling in the middle of the river, do you? The crossing sometimes takes 50 minutes!” says the guy. Shit. That’s a hell of an argument!

  4. HobbitLand

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    29 September 2016 by Justine

    Cycling in Lesotho – March 2015 Lesotho. One of those countries in the world that no one knows about… Why? …
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  5. South Africa : Yes, the Country

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    30 July 2016 by Justine

    In 48 hours, we get our first very South African Braii, our stuff get cleaned, our panniers get filled with home-made biscuits, Powerade and left-over chocolates from Christmas, our bikes are back on tracks and 5kg of unused gear is sent to Cape Town. Our batteries are 100% charged and the morning we leave, Pieter rides my fully loaded bike, Romain, JP’s.

  6. Gone In PataGONia

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    5 July 2016 by Justine

    As tourers, there are some classic routes in the World… The Pamir Highway (Tajikistan/Kirgiztan) and the Karakoram Highway (Pakistan/China) are probably the first ones to come in mind, so is the Carretera Australe in Chile. As long as we won’t cycle those ones, we’ll feel that we are missing something big.

  7. Paso Psycho

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    12 June 2016 by Justine

    Black clouds are forming in the sky. What will be our very first Argentinean electric storm rises and soon enough lightening is cracking next to us. We are fully exposed, on a pass, on a full steel bicycle. There is nowhere no hide, so we jump on our bikes and start cycling, thinking : “All of this is temporary”.

  8. Bowling Bolivia


    22 May 2016 by Justine

    Like many others before us, our plan is to cross Uyuni in two days, spending a night on the island of Incahuasi. Back in Costa Rica, we were reading some crazy guys’ blog riding Uyuni with water up to his panniers, completely coated with hard salt. We were thinking : “Wow that looks hardcore… ” It’s our turn now : the entrance of Uyuni’s desert is flooded under more than a feet of water. Should we turn around? Hell no.

  9. Down The Rio San Juan


    6 January 2016 by Justine

    On both sides of the river, the jungle is dark, dense and humid. Howling monkeys are dramatically debating in the background while splashes of big reptiles remind us that we are in crocodile territory. There are wrecks from steam boat from the 19th century on islands on the way.

  10. Marulla Kingdom

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    7 September 2015 by Justine

    While we were resting under a mango tree, thirty kids that just finished school came to sit across a creek in front of us and for two straight hours, they stayed there, under the burning sun, with no hat on, staring at us, asking us money, asking us sweets, asking us random stuff while eating mangos, and signing songs.

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